So, I had never heard of Armidi until I read about it on Second Style Fashionista. After seeing the build and the preview pictures, I knew this place was going to be awesome. I joined their update group so I can know exactly when they opened. So, I dragged my partner with me to check out the new sim. After braving the lag and being shoved several times, we finally reached the hair.

Bats' New Hair

Bats purchased two styles, The Individual, and The Emo One. Both of which look incredibly hot. I forced him into the photosphere to take some pictures of his new hairs. They both needed to be resized to fit his head, but I think they were worth it. They look really nice.

New Hair

Thanks to Bats, I was able to leave with goodies of my own. I picked up The Future Pony in Light Blonde. Originally what caught my attention to this hair was the texturing. I loved the highlights and darker shades in them. It has sculpted bangs which are really cute. I originally wanted this hair for a cheerleader outfit I have, but I think I might find myself wearing it much more often.

I didn't get a chance to look at the clothing at Armidi, but after all the hype/lag dies down, I do plan on going back to look a little more.

What: The Individual and The Emo One in Midnight $295L, and The Future Pony in Light Blonde $295L
Where: Armidi, Armidi (135, 127, 26)

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    Woah thank you for shopping there and writing about it. I've been a very faithful Naughty Designs & Influence fan --- Angel V is still my favorite and I haven't found any other hair that looked good enough for me XD but Armidi looks really promising - I will definitely visit it inworld asap XD hahah thanks again ~