I've been doing treasure hunts of ALL kinds the past couple days, but now I'm going to take a little break and blog about something I've been meaning to blog about for a while now. The new Miriel sim, and her amazing eyes!


The sim itself is soooooo gorgeous. She definitely spent a TON of time working on this. It shows in every detail, and there is no rock out of place. :D


But, I have been waiting forever and ever for these eyes! They are the Anime Eyes which I had loved ever since I seen them on the poster of Fleur's Shoujo line. I've waited very patiently for a long time, and now I can finally have a pair of my own! :D They are sooooo wonderfully priced as well, at only $50L a piece. And! the gold pair on the right.... is a total freebie! :D


And speaking of freebies - check out all the eyes she has out as demos/freebies! OMG. They are stunning, and I think Miriel makes some of the best eyes in SL. I am seriously considering tossing out my Glanz eyes and moving on to Miriel's Anime Eyes.

If that isn't enough awesomeness for one trip - make sure you try the jewelry hunt she has going on! I will warn you though - its a bit difficult, and took me about 4 days to finally complete. But, the prizes are amazing, and the story is great. :D

SLURL: Miriel, Miriel (135, 64, 33)

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