Today's look was inspired by my weekend hunting! I went to Nicky Ree and participated in her Singapore National Day hunt, and came out with some awesome cheap goodness. :D And, keeping on the hunting theme, I also paired the dress with an amazing hunting gift (Item #5, I believe this was) from the Miriel sim. So, here was my look today:


Wearing: Hair by Waka & Yuki, hair accessories by Crystal Line, flip flops (even though you can't see them) by 0N from CSR, dress by Nicky Ree, necklace by Miriel, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

BTW - If you have trouble finding AOs that work well with these type of dresses, the AO that I made seems to work well with this one. No hips jutting out of the side, or butt poking out from the back. You can grab it for free at my store - Imperial Elegance. Usually I run away from these type of dresses for that exact reason, but now I have an AO that works with them. Yay :D

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    You are the queen of hunts! I couldn't find anything at the Miriel sim. :( Am soo blind..