When I seen the adorable skull hat flower thing that Beanie blogged about, I did a "OMG I want" and took off to buy it. :D So, I based my look on that. It was actually surprisingly simple, because I've been hoarding some things I've been wanting to wear, and it all finally fell into place. ^^


I should also mention that because I don't like long sleeved clothing without prim cuffs on the arms (and on the hands is even better!), I used the prims from a different top, and it seemed to work well on this one too. ^^

Wearing: Hair accessory by Wild O, hair by Deviant Kitties (tinted considerably darker by me), skull necklace by Deco, top (combined with prims from the Marie top) by PixelDolls, jeans by LeeZu Baxter, shoes by 69, ears by Illusions, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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