I have successfully completed organizing inventory! It made dressing for today soooooo much easier! xD Anyway, here is today's look, after I visited the hair fair.


Wearing: Hair by Deviant Kitties (tinted darker by me), ears by Illusions, necklace by Miam Miam, bracelet by Hi-Flo, top by Mischief, bottoms by Cubic Effect, shoes by Storm Schmooz, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Hey Sai, you should take a pic of your organized inventory so we can see what you did to get it organized. I'm just curious for any tips, etc. Cute look by the way...as always!

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    No way?!?! How did you get inventory organised so quickly!!!!!

  3. Terri - I am working on a Inventory post (for my silly personal blog) complete with pictures and informations for tomorrow :D

    Efemera - Well - I had motivation! I told myself yesterday morning: "No Hair Fair until inventory is completely organized!" And well.... it was non-stop cleaning starting when I woke up yesterday, to 3am last night XD