When I went to the hair fair, I only ended up with one style. I think it might have been because things were not rezzing, and I missed a lot of things. Like, these styles from House Of Heart (or is it still Bewitched? @_@) and Curio.


Curio has some totally adorable styles. I love her ideas, but I only wish her black texture was more black, and less brown looking. It might just be my crap PeeCee though. xD But still, her hair is pure awesomeness, and I have no problems wearing them anyway :D BTW - I looooooove the Rabid (bottom left) style, its totally adorable. And the Honey Bun (top left) is super cute. Curio's hair is the most ear-friendly hair I have ever seen.


The next one is from House of Heart. I love feathery weird things, so this hair was actually really cool to see. Is it strange that I have the perfect outfit to go with this hair? XD Like Curio, I love the ideas that the HOH creators have - their styles are extremely photogenic. But they never fit meh fat head. I have no idea why either. I usually have to edit hairs, and move a few prims around, but no matter what I do, I can't get these hairs to fit. They look fantastic on other people, and this particular hair fits me okay - so I am happy :D I will probably be doing a LOTD post with this hair in the coming few days. :D

Gogogo to the Hair Fair!

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    Hi there! I have found her blue/black shade to be a little more on the black side. Cute hair!