Someone was kind enough to remind me of the fantastic store - Cubic Effect this morning. :D I've visited Cubic Effect several times in the past, and even picked up a few items, but I never blogged any of them! :O So, thanks to the person who told me about them again (I won't say her name, because I don't know if she wants me to), I hopped over there to see what's new :D

I picked up some adorable things, and - I found a new favorite pair of pants. Sorry GearShift, these cotton pants have totally stolen my heart! :D So, because I have been wearing the stuff I picked out from Cubic Effect since I bought it, and can't really focus on one piece of the outfit to blog - I've decided to just make it a LotD post (since many of you prefer these anyway).


Wearing: Top and pants by Cubic Effect, flip flops by Detour, hair by ETD, ears by Illusions, manicure/pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

However, it is probably important to note: these prim parts are no copy, and required a crapload of editing to fit. The chest prim piece was linked with the wrap prim on the shirt, which was attached to spine. It did -not- work with my AO (and several poses) at all. So, I had to unlink the wrap from the collar and attach it separately to left pec. Just a warning. :D

Also: Fuel is having a 50% off sale! Everything (other than the already discounted items) is 50% - including the shoes! zomg. It ends on the 9th, so hurry hurry!

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