I was feeling a bit in a strange mood the other day, and decided to go buy something I've had my eye on for a while. Only after I purchased it, I thought: "OMG, my boobs are viewable to the world!" I asked my friend Meara Deschanel what she wore with her faun avatar, and she pointed me to a place that had a great matching top. So, here is my look, completed with added help from Meara:


Note: The top didn't quite cover my nipples all the way, so after much trial and error with pasties, I ended up using Gianetti's nude ones, which worked fantastic, and were very easy to tint to my tone.

Wearing: Hair by Kin, horns, ears, legs and tail by Titania's Court, eyes by Miriel (was a previous group gift), pasties by Gianetti (found on XStreet), top by FireFlies, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    I sent you something I made tha5t I really like but just never sold. It's easy-cute-quick boobehs and vah-jayjays coverage with taste!
    Enjoy :3

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    [running out to get a better top for my Faun]lol

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    Looks good! and thanks for the nude pasties tip.

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    Zorena Deckard @ Ookami Ningen made a fur top to go with the faun set that I just love as well.

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    cute cute faun!!

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    You look GREAT! And doesn't that top work perfect? For the record (if anyone is wondering) the top is actually part of an outfit (I think it's called Feather Dress?) and there are black and white versions of it. The white version is tintable too, so if you pick up other faun colors, you can tint the white top to match. And I think it's one of their "lowbie" priced outfits too.

    Anyway enough rambling. Awesome look Sai! *glomps*

  7. elka! Those things are soooo awesome! You have no idea how long I hunted for something *just* like that. Thanks tons!

    Elora, Casandra & Uma - Thank you~ I lufffff this faun avatar, but I wish I had more occasions to wear it to! XD

    Mourna - oooo! I haven't seen that one, but I will definitely be checking it out really soon :D

    Meara - This top is awesome for the faun avatar! Thanks tons for the suggestion :D