So, at the Jewelry Expo, I did about 3 sweeps of it - first, to try to find the hunt items, second to look at the designs, third to go buy what caught my eye. And, I plan on going back for the fourth time to snatch up all the freebies I can get my paws on. :D

But, anyway - these are Sai's highlights of the jewelry expo this year. All of these do come with other varying pieces (earrings, and the like), but I chose to only picture the necklaces from them... because that is what I always tend to look at first.


From left to right: Cerrie Necklace by KessKreations, Diamond Set 01 by Yabusaka, The Red Queen by Genesis, and Amirah by Illusions.

OMG, each of these sets are so beautiful, and a new store has popped up on my list of favorite jewelry shops :D

Gogogogo to the Jewelry Expo!

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