I felt like dressing up today and visiting some creepy haunted Halloween sims to scare the crap out of myself (I actually attempted Trepid Station last night and got so freaked out in the first 5 minutes that I came running home). :O But, I picked up some super adorable dresses from LVS & Co. for only $1L, and am determined to wear them! :D


Wearing: Dress by LVS & Co. (this particular dress can be found in the square, by the fishing spot), stockings by LeeZu Baxter, boots by Shiny Things, necklace by Alienbear, ears by Illusions, hair by Aden, facelight by CogNation.

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    Absolutely adorable!:D
    If you look scary places try the 'Cutting class' game in Pulse,organized by Sn@tch.It's really funny,and you can win (and found trouhg the game) some prizes!^^
    And the location is awesome!If you want i can send you the lm ^^
    Ah,i read your 'emo post'...I perfectly understand you,my early SL it was the same,but now i have found a little group of friends that i adore!
    So,if you want someone with to go to shopping and write a disastrous english...XD