When I was first introduced to this amazing store called Novocaine, I was in utter shock that I have never heard of them before. I first awed at the beauty of the sim and the build... but then when I took a look at their products, I was in a completely different state of shock.

I left with soooooo much stuff, and I really want to blog them all, so I think I will break this post up over two days, as I did with the Illusions Pirate posts. There really is just too much awesomeness here to list in one day. XD So, today, I'll show the clothing items I picked up, and tomorrow - the shoes and hair.


They have some really great dresses there. Here, I am wearing the Natsuki Obi Dress, and I love it to pieces. OMG, the detail! It looks fantastic with sculpted prim parts, and even.... a zipper! Its really great to see little things getting noticed - I don't think I've ever seen a zipper like this on anything else I've put on. And! The bow! How can I resist something as cute as that? :D


This one is the Torino Wrap Dress, which is a bit longer and more dressy. This one also has some great looking sculpted parts to it. I think what really sets all of these clothes off, is the sculpties. The sculpties all look fantastic, and really makes the clothing stand out.


I combined both the Vintage Coats and City Slacks in this picture, because they go so well together. And, this is a perfect example of how the sculpties stand out - the coat has a sculpted collar, cuffs, and belt, and the coat just looks amazing with them. I also love the slacks, but I wish there was a black pair *hint hint* :P


These tops are my favorite clothing items I picked up. I could not decide which color I wanted, so I just bought them all! XD And, its quite rare for me to ever buy a fat-pack. :D They are adorable, and pretty much goes with almost anything. I also picked up these super cute Shimmer Shorts. ^^

This place is absolutely amazing, and to me - its starting to really climb up to my favorite places to sit right beside Armidi. I really can't wait to see more items from these people - they really have talent. :D

What: Natsuki Obi Dress in Portwine - $300L, Torino Wrap Dress in Espresso - $300L, Vintage Coat in Pewter and Midnight - $290L each, City Slacks in Espresso - $135L, Shimmer Mini-Shorts in Gunmetal - $100L, Frayed Tops - $125L each or $410L for the fat pack.
Where: Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, jewelry by Caroline's, shirt by VG Republic, footwear by Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Tomorrow: Hair and shoes! :D

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