I mulled over this post for a few days, trying to think of the best way to write this, without seeming confusing. Siyu has made a collection of pirate boots, and created so many with many different options, that it took me a while to really find out how I want to go about picturing them. I decided to group them into the heel style, with all the various cuffs pictured. I hope this post makes sence, but if it doesn't, just comment and I'll try to explain. :D


Now, shown here are the Beau style of heel, with all the different cuff versions and straps. The heel is quite low, and would probably be the best choice for the men out there. I don't think they would like walking around the grid in the other styles (which will be pictured below). XD You can choose which cuff style you want (straight, pointed, divided or flared), and you can also pick between plain versions, or strapped.


This is the Dandy style of heel - it is slightly higher than the Beau style, but comes with the same cuff/strapped/plain options. I love the texturing on each of these, they look amazing, well done - and you can almost feel the time and effort that Siyu spent on them. She definitely is a woman of many talents, and I can only beg for more shoe goodness, because I love these soooooo much. :D


Here are the Fop style - which is my personal favorite. I actually ran around the grid doing my normal shopping in complete pirate gear (eyepatch, hat, belt, boots, gloves XD) while wearing the Flared style of cuff - they are just so cute :D If you wear pants with prim cuffs, you can also wear the shoes with cuffs, and they look fantastic when you don't want to go around as a pirate (I don't understand why you wouldn't want to though :P). :D


Next: Gloves! These match the boots sooooo perfectly. These, like the boots, are beautifully textured - and the clothing layer to sculptie seam is very nicely done. ^^ They look beautiful, and is a great addition to any pirate gear.

And oh! Yesterday, I had forgotten to mention the eye patch! I wore it in the photos (and it can be found in the glove picture above), but I never really talked about it. I will go ahead and do a little write up here (since I'm a tad bit late on mentioning it - don't kill me! :D). Anyway, its cute, and you can choose which eye you want it to cover - either your left or right. It fits the eye really well, and only needed a tiny bit of editing to fit my shape perfectly. The straps doesn't span your full head (though, I doubt anyone will be going bald soon), but it does cover your face, and should go past your prim hair line. ^^

Illusions offers demos for most of the products sold - so go TP there and try some on. Oh, and if you see Siyu hanging around - be sure to give her extra glomps for making such awesomeness. :P

What: Pirate Boots in various styles and cuff options - $275L each, or $750L for them all, Pirate Gloves, $95L or $210L for them all, Brigand's Eyepatch - $75L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 91, 33)
What Else: Pants by Last Call, ears by Illusions, top by VG Republic, hair by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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