Wow, I've been doing a lot of fangirl squeeing these past few days, haven't I? O.o; Well, this post probably won't be any different. XD

So, as I said in my last post, the sim, Curio, is opening today! I was lucky enough to see it last night, and omg - its so amazing. I absolutely love the build, I can totally see myself coming back here, even just taking pictures around the area. Its a great sim to explore with beautiful staircases, a balcony, a tunnel that I have no idea where it leads to, and a maze. :D


But! Thats only 1/3 of the post I have planned! The second part, and my most favorite: more Gala Phoenix skins! *bounces off walls* I reviewed the amazing Gala & Rita Design Announcements group gifts in my previous post, but now I want to show the newness that Gala is releasing with this new sim opening. Ready?


I love many things about these skins. I enjoy the variety of them the most, I think. I really love how she can make, fresh, clean, beautiful faces - but then also make more makeup heavy, daring makeups. Oh. And - notice the middle row of these skins.... has FRECKLES! But no, these are not just ordinary freckles that go over your nose. They actually go all over the skin. I seen them on the chest, arms, and even legs~ I don't typically wear freckled skins, nor seek them out, but, I really like these and I think they have a certain charming quality about them :D

Like the group gift I blogged yesterday, each of these makeups comes in 10 skin tone options. I really don't want to blog the tones two times in a row, so if you would like to see all the skin tone options side by side as well as full body picture (minus the bits), check out my previous post here. :D


Part 3 of my post is on the hair section of Curio, made by the totally cute Rita Groshomme. I think she has really great ideas for hair, and I really can't wait to see more from her. I pictured the Melinda style here, in black. I also loved the Anne style, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to set right on my fat head, so I'm going to have to try later to coax it to fit. These hairs come in packs of 3 colors, for only $200L :D

If you want to see the sim, and all the goodness in it, you can join the Gala & Rita Design Announcements, and get in when it opens at Noon today. If you are maxed out of your groups, like 95% of the SL population, you can see it tomorrow at noon, when it opens for everyone. :D

SLURL: Curio, Curio (166, 128, 35)
What Else: Hair by Minnu (first picture), Ears by Illusions, top by D!FF. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

[Edit] Gah! Accidentally wrote down the wrong hair name - fixed now. Note to self: limit fangirling with writing a post. :P BTW - WTF is up with my images saing: This image is not available now? O.o;

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    Wow, I've been doing a lot of fangirl squeeing these past few days, haven't I?

    heh, me too. there should be a support group... curioholics anonymous or something :D