Ok, I *really* haven't seen much of anything that motivates me to blog something - I am not sure what my problem is lately. It seems everyone is blogging the same thing, and I kind of don't want to be that way - I want to be different and free to blog many different things. :D That said, I do plan on still doing reviews and such - but while I am in my 'fashion slump', I think I will be doing my Look of the Day posts here. I miss blogging fashion, and I think sometimes, LotD posts can be better than actual review posts. If anyone doesn't like this idea, please let me know ^^


Today, I am wearing: tee by Random Fashions, jeans by League (omg - I loooooove these jeans), shoes by Truth, hair by ETD, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    I do love the idea of LOTD posts, and do them myself quite often. I totally appreciate the reviewers that do the new releases and show outfits, or several outfits, from a designer. I been exposed to a lot of designers that way (and being less than a year old, I have a lot to learn!) But, you sure don't need everybody doing that. LOTD posts have my heart -- because that is how I live -- mixing things up and wearing things in a way that may have been different than the designer originally imagined. I get so many great ideas from folks outfits. And often the look will include older stuff that I never knew about but can still go get! And, finally (cause I'm going on too long), LOTD posts give me a peek into that person's personality -- I love that :) So -- you've got my vote! I never get tired of seeing people's looks!

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    I personally favor LoTD posts myself... I like seeing an array of stuff in one post instead of just one or two things. Creates more lemmings that way. :P And I agree with Nissa, they do give the reader a peek at the person's personality and I like that much more. :D

    I luff League's jeans.. they are my favorite jeans in SL hands down.

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    and, see -- i've never even notice League jeans before -- but they are on my shopping list now!!

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    Oh, I LOVE League!! I have a pair of shorts from there and they're so well made, even Levi commented on them and you know when a guy comments on clothes, that's totally something special.