OMG. OMG. Ok, I am a total Gala Phoenix fangirl, and have been obsessed with her skins ever since the Skin Fair. I've gotten so many questions about where I got my skin, and I always have to tell people to bake Gala Phoenix tasty cookies and ask for some demos. But now, omg - She's finally putting her beautiful skins in world.

But no. Thats not all. She gave out an amazing makeup in all 10 skin tones to her group! *dies of happiness* I *have* to blog these, because I am totally excited, and I love them :D


All 10 amazing skin tones. I love Gala's skins, I think they look the best on my shape with absolutely no modifying. There are several tones to choose from, to fit almost every preference out there as well. :D


The body, in my most favorite tone. This is what really screamed at me to buy my first Gala skin. It has cleavage! :D I don't really like my bewbs to have minimal shading to where they look saggy. Nope, Gala's skins do wonders for your bewbs, even without a bra. :P

So, why did she give these out? Well, Rita Groshomme and Gala Phoenix are opening up the Curio sim, which will hold Rita's cute hairs, and Gala's skins. :D The sim opens on Saturday at noon for their group members, and on Sunday at noon for everyone else. I'm excited, can't wait - and I know I'll be one of the many who will be stomping on that Teleport button at Noon sharp on Saturday. :D

To get this skin, and a first look at the new Curio sim when it opens, search for "Gala & Rita Design Announcements" in group search, join, and enjoy the awesomeness ^^

What Else: Bikini by Refuge, hair by Aden. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    I love how you always put skins or jewelry or whatever together in one big togetherness image. Gives me a quick reference image.

    It rules! :)