After my weeks of not having any fashion inspiration, I have to say that I seem to be hit with tons of it the past few days. I started the month with absolutely nothing to blog, now my review folder is one of the biggest in my inventory. But, I want to take a break from reviewing for a minute and post a Look of the Day (since people seem to enjoy them more). I built my look today around these amazing jeans from GearShift. ^^


Wearing: Hair by Aden, ears by Illusions, shirt by Armidi, jeans by GearShift, shoes by FKNY. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Those jeans are freaking AWESOME.

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    Omg, love love the jeans... I'm also in love with their cargo shorts. It's fantastic stuff like this that makes me yearn for the day when SL designers cross over into RL and make me awesomesauce jeans!

  3. Actaully, Fricka - the reason I went out and bought them was because I seen you wearing them in your pictures with the skybox. The second I laid eyes on them, I was like: "OMG. I NEED THEM!"


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    I must say, you made the jeans look amazing in your pictures. Im glad you like them. :D