I've been waiting for the 2008 Footwear Expo for what seems like an eternity. And - omg. It opened to the public yesterday morning, and I TP'ed there last night as soon as I got a chance. I was excited, bouncing off the walls and in total shoe heaven. I seen and fangirled over many designers, bloggers, and famous SL people as well - it was so much fun :D

So, I am posting about it today, and showing you my personal favorites from it. I seen a few vendors new to me, and several old favorites that put out fantastic new stuff.


OMG. Ok, from left to right, top to bottom: Fuel's Bambee Wedges, Fuel's adorable little Chibs, Truth's Huntress Boots, Illusions' Lilac Sheath Boots, Shiny Things Belles (in both black and red - I couldn't decide which color I wanted most :D), Periquita's Beda Sandals, Perquita's Sueshoo Sandals, and my personal favorite - Maitreya's sexy Virtues.

OMG. 4 sims of pure shoe goodness. *Dies* If you haven't been there yet - you really should go :D It lasts until July 27th, so make sure you get there before it closes to pick up some awesome stuff! (And don't forget to pick up the amazing freebie stockings from Shiny Things while you are there!) ^^

SLURL: 2008 SL Footwear Expo!, Rezzable Create (250, 87, 22)

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