Today is bandanna day, so I decided to participate. After 3 days of Muism lucky chair stalking, I finally got this super cute shirt, so I wanted to match a bandanna with it.


BTW - I do know the pant leg prims don't match up with the color of the jeans. I have no idea why this happened, the prims were untinted, and I even tried tinting the jeans a bit darker to match them .... but, these are no mod jeans -.- So - sorry! T_T

Wearing: bandanna from Hair Fair, ears by Illusions, top by Muism (in the lucky chair), jeans by Aleri Darkes, shoes by Adam n Eve, bracelet by BeBe, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    take the full bright off and change the luminosity it always depends on your settings whether full bright is something that works for you or doesnt.

    xox Sasy xox

  2. *Bangs head on desk for being so blind*

    OMG Sasy, I luff you. I didn't even notice full bright was on them, and once I unchecked it - they look just as great as the vendor ads :D Thank you!

    I actually really adore these jeans (they make meh butt look totally cute!), but never really wore them because I couldn't figure out why the prims were so much darker. So now, I will definitely be wearing these more often XD

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    I'm sorry I was only able to tell you here, normally I would IM but I can't be in world again for another few hours and thought it was better you knew if anyone asked :o) and my settings don't let me see them that way, but I know others have seen mine that way, so that's how I knew, and yes they are fabulous Jeans, and a fab price too

    xox Sasy xox