Fall is coming, and I can start to feel the chill at night - so, I felt like dressing warmly in SL today! :D Yabusaka has made these fantasticly awesome new boots, so I wanted to work my look around them ^^ I think it worked out extremely well, with all kinds of my favorite clothing being put to use here.


Wearing: Headband from Chapeau Tres Mignon, hair by Zero Style (purchased at the hair fair), ears by Illusions, scarf by Curious Kitties, feather cuffs and neck prim from Illusions (part of the Coque feather coat), rest of the coat from Artilleri (parts used from the Kat's Coat), prim nails from Pixel Mode, pants from Armidi, boots from Yabusaka, facelight from CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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