Who doesn't love piratey things?! OMG, I adore them! When Siyu from Illusions released her fantastic elf ears a while ago, she dominated the ear market (for me, at least). I refuse to look at other ears, because to me, hers are pure perfection. Now, with the release of her massive pirate collection, I can't look at another place for pirate goodness, because Siyu has come up with great looking things. (I swear, she has more imagination and creativity than I will ever have in a lifetime XD)

Her new pirate collection is massive, and definitely to much to put in this one post. So, I will be dividing my fangirling pirate post into two - spanning today and tomorrow. Today, I will focus on the fantastic variety of hats and a super cute pirate belt. :D


OMG. The hats! There are just sooooo many, and most of them are totally elaborate. I'm not entirely sure if each different type of hat stands for different pirate ranks, or if they are from different time periods... or what - but! I did immediately recognize Captain Jack Sparrow's hat from Pirates of the Caribbean. I believe all of these hats are fabric change - so you can change them to different colors, or textures. Some hats even have feathers or separate parts that can be color change as well... omg. XD The amount of detail work in these are like: @_@. ^^


And this belt! OMG. XD There are two versions - a plain one (on the left) and the regular one, which is pictured on the right. The plain one is fantastic for an everyday use - while the regular one is filled with weapony goodness. On the side of it is an extremely detailed pirate gun - and on the back are two amazing looking daggers (I think they are called daggers?). It was quite difficult to get the detail of them in these pictures, but I tried the best I can. Its also good to note that I didn't have to do *any* editing at all to get these to fit me :D woot!

Remember that Illusions does have demos for pretty much every product that is sold, and these items are no different. So, if you see something here you might like or want to see something in more detail - go grab a demo to see it in full - they really do look so much better in-world than in my pictures. ^^

What: Napoleonic Bicorn Hat - $125L, Cap'n Jack Hat - $195, Bard's Hat - $195, Tricorn Hat - $125, Cavalier Hat - $125, Captain Hat - $275L, Chapeau De Bras Hat - $125L, Regular Pirate Belt - $215L, Plain Pirate Belt - $115L, Brigand's Eyepatch - $75L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 91, 33)
What Else: Top by VG Republic, pants by Last Call, hair by Armidi, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Tomorrow: Gloves and Boooooooooooooottts! :D

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    wooo -- love this post, miss p!

    you look awesome in pirate!