I missed posting yesterday. Oops. In my defense, it was a busy day :)


Details: Hair by Truth, shirt by Atomic (previous Stumblebum item, I believe), necklace by Miel (previous 50L Friday item), jeans by Armidi, boots by ETD (unavailable because ETD is gone?!), skin by Curio.

Simplicity, is awesome.


Details: Hair by Truth, top by Last Call (unavailable now), jewelry by Miam Miam (unavailable as well), footwear by Sand Shack Surf Co., skirt by LeeZu, skin by Curio, breast enhancers by Luck Inc.

Post number three this week for the BBBC. I know there are boatloads of bikini's in SL, and I already have tons, but this one is my new favorite. LOVE.


Details: Bikini by Boom, flop flops by In Her Shoes (free, and color change!), hair by Truth, skin by Curio.

My second post in my determination to participate in the BBBC2010. This is the outfit you get when you are organizing inventory, and things just seem to click together.


Details: Hair by Exile (my new favorite!), top by Atomic, skirt and breast enhancer by Luck Inc., footwear by Maitreya, jewelry by Muse (Can't find location, seems to be unavailable now), skin by Curio, poses by Everglow.

It's a perfect time to join in Alicia Chenaux's Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010, right? I haven't posted for ages here, but now I vow to post one look each day this week, in attemps to break my bad blogging habit.


Details: Dress by Blooberry (be careful with this piece - it comes with a system skirt for wearing under the prims, and NO glitch pants), necklace by Sigma (was a Le.Look anniversary gift), shoes by Maitreya, hair by Exile, bangle by Exodi, skin by Curio.

I love the little miniskirt from Boom's Project Themeory outfit this week, but I thought I would try another top instead, to put my own little spin on it.


Details: Hair by Exile, sweater by Ibizzare, socks by League, miniskirt by Boom (Is a Project Themeory exclusive for this weekend), footwear by Surf Co., skin by Curio, poses by Everglow.

Hi! I've been hoarding this blog post for literally, months. I was planning on blogging it in February, actually. A little late, but here it is!


Details: Outfit, and jewelry by Evie's Closet (this particular color was a special for Valentine's Day, but there are still other colors available), hair by Exile, skin by Curio.