Ok, I have to say that I hate Linden Lab's new TOS. Wait... am I allowed to say that? Anyway, I took this opportunity to update the header, and add a space between Second and Life (is that allowed too? -.-), as required by the new TOS. Annoying.

That done, Ill get on with my post. I was wandering around a Japanese sim again, and came across a little shop called Bukka. They have some sculpted boots, as well as some great looking belts. However, I only decided to grab these boots.

Bukka - Old Short Boots

And they are squee-worthy! They come with legwarmers that is touch activated - you can change the texture of the warmers through a blue menu, or even turn them off completely. Love it ^^ The boots are almost entirely sculpted, which makes them even better to me :D I love sculpted footwears!

Be warned though - these boots are quite big, but have modify rights. So, I suppose if you have the patience, you can edit them to be smaller. They don't have demos either - but they do look great :D

What: Old Short Boots in Black - $290L
Where: Bukka, Baleful (62, 73, 25)
What Else: Jeans by Last Call. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    Oh my goodness, those are adorable!!

  2. Hehe, yes they are indeed :D