Happy New Year everyone! Because I am not a big partier, I will be staying home tonight and enjoying a night in with movies and SL. Yay~ So anyway~ When I saw Caliah Lyon's blog post about her Japanese sim finds, omg, I rushed to each of the shops she listed. I found tons of awesome goodness... but two places really stood out for me.

I am extremely freakishly picky about eyes. I love the big, doe-eyed look, and it is unbelieveably rare to find great eyes that are really large. I've had my current blue eyes for several months, and have recently searching for a change. It has been really difficult, because all eyes I have tried have been way to small for my taste. So, when I saw Caliah's post, I thought it was worth a try because those eyes were absolutely stunning.


This shop called Glanz was TINY! Like 160sq. meters or so. Definitely one of the shops I wouldn't have looked at because it was almost difficult to move around. The price of these were definitely not cheap at $300L a color, and I was very hesitant at purchasing it. These are without doubt, the most expensive eyes I have ever seen. But - I really liked them in Caliah's pictures, so I decided to purchase the "Ocean Blue" color. I put them on even before I left the shop, and all I could think was: OMG. These are beautiful, and even came with both a Large and Medium version. I think these will become my everyday eyes from now on.


Still drooling at my new eyes, I managed to stop looking at myself to tp to the next location: Hal*Hina. This place had a large variety of eyes, and I had a really difficult time deciding which one to purchase. I decided on the Basic Pack of the Drop Eyes, that included 5 colors: black, silver, dark blue, brown and turmeric (which is apparently the name of a ginger stem). While these are not as stunning as the ones from Glanz, they are very pretty. I really like these, and think they have an awesome price for their quality.


Hal*Hina even gave out this great set of eyes to their update group. These are eyes with little hearts in the pupil. While you can't really see them in my picture (SL wouldn't let me zoom in closer to my face), they really are there.

What: Ocean Blue Eyes - $300L and Drop Eyes Basic Pack - $120L
Where: Glanz, Higashiosaka (90, 101, 22) and Hal*Hina, RekidStyle (100, 173, 34)

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    You can zoom closer if you use the ctrl+0 key!
    Oh, and those eyes are really lovely!


  2. Wow, omg, I had no idea about ctrl-0! Such an awesome tip, thank you! ^^

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    Then i have to add that the ctrl+8 work as a zoom out and the ctrl+9 make everything go back as the beginning!!
    They are few usefull tips that i'm happy to share! ;)