Oh. My. Goodness. This was one of those items I knew I had to have at any cost. Made by Siyu Suen from Illusions, this Coque Feather Coat is truly a beautiful piece of art. Its gorgeous, and I was hunting for something exactly like this a few days ago. It was love at first sight for me with this coat, I'm never going to take it off, I know it. Its got an amazing flexi fur collar and cuffs, and even includes a low-prim version of the collar. You can either wear this as a really long coat, or short, which is nice, because sometimes my mood varies on what kind of coat I want to wear.

The tails took a bit of editing to fit my shape - they were a tad bit big, but I think I got a reasonably good fit. Sometimes these type of coats are difficult to fit me - but this one was surprisingly easy. Which would also be good when editing to fit a male shape - because this comes with a no-bewb-shaded version for them men out there.

To sum it up: I freaking love this coat. I think this was well worth every linden I spent on it. I wonder if a white version will be coming soon? This is absolutely amazing, and I would be in total clothing bliss if a white one was available. Siyu Suen - you did a fantastic job, I can't wait to see more clothing items from you!

What: Coque Feather Coat - $650L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 94, 33)

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