I'm not dead yet, honest! I've become completely obsessed with playing The Sims 2 for a few days - but I've come back to show you some really awesome shoes.

Most of you know I have a strong dislike towards pointed shoes. However, occasionally I will come across a pair that looks very pretty, and I wouldn't dare use them to kill bugs like I do with most pointy toed shoes. These new pumps by Juicy - are drool worthy, and I would never use them as cockroach killers. :P

Juicy Classic Pumps - Rainbow

I think what makes these so different than the normal pointed shoes to me, is that they are not a complete point at the end. Most pointy shoes can probably be used as a deadly weapon, but these are more tapered at the end. So, it looks so much better to me. I do love these shoes though, they are beautifully textured, they fit my avatar's feet extremely well, and the attention to detail is just amazing. And, omg. Just look at all the colors! With this pack, I don't think I'll have to ever buy another pair of colored shoes O_O

Juicy Classic Pumps - Berry

But, if you are like me, and prefer to wear black... you'd notice that black is not included with that pack. However, fear not! There is a separate "Berry" pack that includes a few black/color combinations. :D And of course, these are amazingly crafted as well ^.^

So, even if you dislike pointed shoes, these are definitely worth a look, and I think I just created a new inventory category for shoes called: Tapered. These are not really pointy, but not rounded either. It fits somewhere in the middle XD

What: Juicy Classic Pumps - $500L Each or for an amazing deal, you can get a ton of colors (I think there are 20?) for only $2900L. The Berry Pack runs only $1950L for all 5. :D :D
Where: Juicy, Juicy (130, 144, 24)

[EDITED] Post title was misspelled (and it took me FOREVER to realize!) */me bonks head on desk*

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